Spiritan On This Day

March 5

Guyane 1822: Departure of the first Sisters of St. Jo-seph of Cluny for Guyane.
Libermann 1841: Libermann considers setting up a commu-nity in Strasbourg to gain access to Germany and Alsace.
Trinidad 1876: Fr. James Browne from Ireland is appointed Principal of St. Mary's College. With one exception, from this time till 1957, all the College Principals are Irish.
Sierra Leone 1893: Fr James Browne, who was a delegate at the General Chapter in Paris in 1892, is appointed to succeed Fr. Blanchet as Vicar Apostolic of Sierra-Leone. A remarkably apostolic man, his ten years see continued growth and expansion in rural areas. He greatly improves relations between the Church and the civil Administration.
"Every little detail is meant to mould our souls and draw them nearer to Himself. Then let us throw all - our sins, our faults and all besides into the boundless ocean of God's mercy and love and let us say: "My God, I give thee all". Our life is as a psalm. At the end of every psalm, and often in the liturgy, we say: 'Glory be to the Fa-ther'; we shall say it for eternity. My dear Sisters, accept all - your weakness, imperfections, trials and difficulties and offer all to God. Above all, do not be proud; love God, praise God, trust God." (Jo-seph Shanahan, quoted by Sr. M.Philomena Fox, p.50).