Spiritan On This Day

April 1

U.S.A. 1877: Opening of a junior seminary for American aspirants at Perrysville, Pa.
East Africa 1939: Fr Alfonse Mtana, a diocesan priest of the Apostolic Vicariat of Kilimanjaro, becomes the first African priest to be ordained in the Holy Ghost Vicariates of East Africa.
Zambia 1971: The Spiritans take over the parish of Kasiya (Monze Diocese).
Poland 1973: Start of a new noviciate at Bydgoszcz.
"The second aspect of the Spiritan charism of availability is evan-gelical poverty in its twofold dimension: material poverty and spiri-tual poverty. The first can be summarised thus: while respecting the basic needs of life, we should have a moderated attitude towards material goods, both as individuals and as communities. Spiritual poverty means that we will cultivate an attitude of permanent open-ness to the world and to the constant changes that life brings." (Henry Koren: Essays on the Spiritan charism [condensed] ).