Spiritan On This Day

July 30

Congo Kinshasa 1907: The Spiritans return to the Congo. The first group consists of Père Callewaert (Belgium), Père Villetaz (Switzerland) and Pères Brangers and Viel (France). They start the mission at Kindu.
Cabo Verde 1955: P. Augusto Nogueira is appointed Apostolic Administrator on the death of Bishop Faustino. He starts the diocesan seminary.
South Africa 1983: Dedication of the new chapel at Glen Ash.
Puerto Rico 1995: Profession of the first Spiritans to emerge from the Spanish-speaking noviciate of Puerto Rico.
"Without a spiritual director, you would not have made much pro-gress; you would simply have vegetated. The Lord has been very good to you in providing an experienced director, so you must try to make the most of it. You should now develop a desire and a firm resolution to die to the world and all it contains and to live henceforth for and in God alone. If you cultivate this outlook and persevere in it, with the help of a good director your spiritual life will be on the right tracks" (Libermann to Mangot, 01.01.1836. LSI, p.246-248).