Spiritan On This Day

August 28

Poland 1924: This is regarded as the first day in the life of the junior seminary at Bydgoszcz. The noviciate is set up at Debowa Laka.
Belgium 1945: The noviciate at Hotgné is closed and sold. The novices will go henceforth to Cellule in France.
Sierra Leone 1971: Bishop Ganda ordains Michael Fillie, a Spiritan from the Mende tribe. He studied in Nigeria and Dublin. With the end of the civil war in Nigeria, more than twenty Spiritan missionaries from that country come to work in Sierra Leone.
Brazil SW 1971: The first District Chapter is held in the semi-nary at Adamentina, with 33 capitulants. Fr. Sammy Moore represents the General Council and Fr. Aiden Lehane the Irish Provincial Council.
(The need for on-going formation): "We believe that our Christian and apostolic vocation brings with it a continuing opportunity of an overall personal growth and the possibility of attaining a greater quality and fullness of life and relationships. Through the daily events of our lives, we are exposed to lessons that can enlighten us and help us to grow, so we need opportunities for reflection and rec-ollection in order to remain alert and to draw the benefit from these lessons" (Guide for Spiritan Formation, no. 88).