Spiritan On This Day

July 7

Australia 1846: Père Thévaux writes to Bishop Brady: "We are extremely poor, my Lord, with only scanty provisions and but nine shillings in our purse. Fur-thermore, we cannot rely on the products of the soil for a long time yet."
Holy Heart of Mary 1848: François Libermann, the superior of the Missionaries of the Holy Heart of Mary, writes to Cardinal Fransoni at the Propaganda proposing a union of his Congregation with that of the Spiritans and the appointment of M. Monnet as Vicar Apostolic of Madagascar.
USA 1882: The college at Pittsburgh obtains a charter enabling it to confer degrees.
Portugal 1888: The first confering of the habit at the noviciate of Sintra.
« Financial problems were in no way behind my decision to enter into negotiations (regarding fusion with the Spiritans): we are cer-tainly not rich, but things are not too bad since we have accepted twelve new students for the beginning of this year. What motivated me in the dealings with the Congreation of the Holy Spirit was the thought of the immense good that would come from it » (Libermann to Gamon. N.D.X : p. 323).