Spiritan On This Day

April 18

Portugal 1901: After a turbulent period for religious congregations, our own is officially approved under the title of "Association of the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit".
Gabon 1913: The Protestant pastor and doctor, Albert Schweitzer, arrives with his wife Hélène at Lam-baréné. He opens his hospital which is organised in such a way that the sick will not be separated from their families. He receives the Nobel Peace Prize in 1954 and dies at Lambaréné in 1965.
Mauritius 1926: Bishop John Murphy confides several more parishes to the Spiritans: Pamplemousse, New-Grove, Chemin-Garnier, Notre-Dame du Rosaire and the service of the cathedral.
Germany 1929: Premiere of the missionary film, "Christ in the virgin forest". This is followed by "The Lord in the bush" and "Consecration of daughters amongst the Kwanyama" (1929-1933).
"I won't talk to you about my poor soul; it is very tired and cow-ardly, rarely thinks about God, hardly loves Our Lord Jesus any more and is no longer tender and affectionate towards its good Mother! I long for those days when my heart beat continuously for God, when I only lived for Jesus and Mary. I sometimes look back with sorrow at those times: we ate the good bread first and now we are given only stale crusts. It is infidelity to the grace of God that has brought me to such a state. It's very hard, but may the holy will of God be done, as long as we do not fall into hell. All I ask for is the last place in purgatory and I will be content. To sacrifice one's goods for God is nothing, but to give up one's interior life- that is the hardest thing you could imagine" (Jacques Laval to Libermann: 25.01.1848).