Spiritan On This Day

May 26

Senegal 1901: Mgr. Kunemann is ordained bishop by Mgr. Le Roy on Pentecost Sunday. The Vicariat now has 35 Spiritans priests and 22 brothers, 6 Se-negambian seculars, and 127 sisters from different congregations. There are 20 mission stations in all.
C.S.Sp. 1918: Pope Benedict XV signs the decree for the introduction of the cause of Jacques Laval.
Makurdi 1930: The German Spiritans arrive in the Be-nue area of Nigeria to start evangelisation. The Prefect Apostolic is Mgr. Philip Winterle.
Angola 1985: Death at Malanje of Jean-Etienne Wozniak (France) aged 29, who had been in Angola for only one year. He and John Kingston (Ireland) ran into an ambush as they approached the mission of Kiwaba.
"When the Society of the Holy Heart of Mary had passed through many trials to which the Lord, in his goodness, allowed it to be ex-posed, and had gained a sufficient growth and stability, it appeared that the plan of God was that it should join together with the Congregation of the Holy Spirit; in this way, the different parts of the work to which the two societies were committed would be completed and they would then form a whole unit. All the difficulties disap-peared which had seemed so intractable up to that point, so towards the end of 1848, the members of both societies joined together" (Libermann: Notice, 15.08.1850).